I’ve been a mathematics educator for nearly 30 years and have always kept abreast of the latest technology.  There are many excellent tools for investigating mathematics, but until recently all of the available tools forced users to use the computer or handheld keyboard, which is clearly not the way mathematicians work. Unlike the subjects of English and history in which a QWERTY keyboard is an excellent interface, mathematics and science are at best clumsily communicated via a traditional keyboard. For that reason, we preferred paper and pencil or on the iPad stylus or finger input. Fortunately, FluidMath is a web app that recognizes handwriting making it a natural extension of the stylus or finger.

My Transformations of Functions Scaffolding Resource is a multi-day activity for students to learn about transformations of functions and then practice until mastery. The resource was written with FluidMath.

Go to FluidMath.net/trial for a free trial version.

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